Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today was nice.

Today, I discovered that I'm awesome at swimming in Sonic and Mario Olympic Games (wii game). ENJOYMENT

Yesterday, I took $70 shopping and came back with $20. Then I was like, "Oh shit, $20 for the week? That shopping spree wasn't needed. DISAPPOINTMENT

Today, I found $70 in a purse I used two weeks ago. ENJOYMENT

Today, I realised my car is full of sand and covered in bird shit. DISAPPOINTMENT

Yesterday, I sat in the wading pool at Bar Beach with Tilli and chatted. It was very relaxing. ENJOYMENT

Today, I found multiple sea lice bites. DISAPPOINTMENT
Today, I ate Doritos and salsa while playing Wii with Danielle. ENJOYMENT

Today, I realised that my new fish don't like the expensive fish food I bought. So I went and got a different type of fish food for $2- which they like. DISAPPOINTMENT

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